Portico Kids

Welcome to Portico Kids!

Here at Portico we are “creating churches for future generations.”  This vision allows us the opportunity to place particular emphasis on investing in our children. The Portico Kids team, along with every ministry of Portico Church, is gospel-centered in all that it does. The vision of Portico Kids is to give every child an accurate picture of God and to equip every parent to be the primary spiritual influence in the life of their child. 

The Areas of Portico Kids

Click on a room to learn more about its environment, or click here for a complete overview of Sunday morning.

Nursery:  6 weeks old - Crawling

Corner:  Walking - 2 years 5 months old

  2 years 6 months - 2 years 11 months old

:  3 years old & 4 years old 

:  5 years old & Kindergarten

:  1st, 2nd, & 3rd grade

: 4th, 5th, & 6th grade 

Peace of Mind | Checkin & Security

Kids check-in begins 10 minutes before each service. Volunteers are ready to welcome kids into rooms at this time.

All Portico Kids volunteers are background checked, and all Portico Kids teachers are Investor members of Portico Church.


Added Convenience | More Child-Friendly Spaces

Mother’s Room

This room is available to women who are nursing or wish to feed their little ones in a comfortable, more private, quiet place. The service is streamed into the room. 



The Lessons | A Quick Overview

Portico Kids has adopted A Sure Foundation curriculum from ChildrenDesiringGod for use with our babies and toddlers in the Nursery, Corner, and Cove.

Portico Kids has adopted The Gospel Project curriculum from www.gospelproject.com for use with kids ages 3 years through 6th grade in the Theater, Station, Playground, and Lodge. This is a chronological journey through the Bible. Children learn how each and every Bible story points to Christ and God’s plan to save us.  


Get Involved | Volunteer

Serving even once a month in Portico Kids makes a big difference for our kids, volunteers, and you (Romans 1:11-12). Portico Kids would love to be a place where you can use your gifts to further God’s Kingdom.

Click HERE to sign up to be a volunteer on our Portico Kids Team!


Learn More

For more info regarding Portico Kids, please email 

Kendra Aylor, Director of Portico Kids, at