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Dr. Ruel Tyer, head of OneDay counseling is launching a blog that will explore common issues we all face and how they connect to our relationship with God. This blog will also be a place for Dr. Tyer to provide practical resources on the struggles and problems we face. You can access the biweekly blog through the OneDay Counseling website at The OneDay Blog or sign-up below to subscribe via email. 

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About OneDay Counseling

OneDay Counseling Center’s vision seeks to speak to the truth that we live today for that one day, the final day, where we’ll stand fully restored before our Lord and Savior.  This truth is our ultimate hope.  Until that day, we seek to fight one day at a time for today is all we are really guaranteed. Therefore our journey of progressive sanctification occurs one day at a time.


To remember is to anticipate with groaning the future day when our past peace will appear in glory at the Day of the Lord.  Our willingness to hold dear the moments of past peace prepares us to imagine a new and better day and, even more, to move toward that day with passion and purpose. - Dan Allender


The mission of OneDay Counseling Center is to be a resource to the local church.  We seek to mend souls toward Christ in order to help people heal from their hurts and pains in life so that individuals can be restored to their rightful created purpose, i.e., to honor, praise, and glorify God as image bearers of our Creator.  OneDay Counseling also seeks to help individuals refocus their life story from being about them to being about God.  After all, we are apart of God’s great story, not the other way around.  


In order for this to happen we will seek to discover where one is on their journey of progressive sanctification.  Are there certain areas the Gospel does not align with one’s life? How can the Gospel be utilized to help those who are hurting, suffering, or experiencing pain?    


Do you feel more loved when God makes much of you or do you feel more loved when God, at the cost of His Son, enables you to enjoy making much of Him forever? - John Piper


In the process of working together one day at a time we will seek to increase our joy in God, trust in the healing power of Jesus, and listen for the ministering counsel of the Holy Spirit. 


If you are interested in learning more about counseling services at OneDay then please call 434.566.0998 or email: . You can also visit our website, onedaycville.org , for more information.